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☆ i make up stupid stories and sometimes i draw them ☆
I have been away for quite some time; still busy but trying to handle my online presence a lot better than I used to. (I'm still on tumblr @ aceofstars but other than that, I have basically no web presence...)

What has everyone been up to? What's everyone enjoying lately? : )  I hope in the past few years of my absence, that everyone has been doing well...! Working on your lives, goals and dreams? :) I hope so!! Life's got a really interesting way of shifting all over the place over a few years, so I hope it's been treating you well and that you've been growing from it and living it to its best...!

(And as usual, if anyone is feeling down or not as great as you wish to be, then you can vent/rant your thoughts to me if you want - or in my comments, because I, and the rest of our little dA family, are here to listen! Of course, if you message me privately, I am kind of all over the place as usual so it might take a little time but I'll definitely respond too!)

As for me, I've been all over the place, schooling, working, and arting! I was attending SCAD for some time but had to leave because school is very expensive ;-;! But that's okay, because in the meantime I no longer work at the art gallery and began working as a caricature artist, which was a blast!! I am still a caricature artist, but I no longer work daily, only at events and gigs a couple times a month. I've been focusing back on freelance and illustration for money, but I am hoping to put up my current comic works for webcomic viewing. :3 

In the meantime though, I realized I severely need to do more fanart again which is where y'all can help me out...! My interests are so broad and wide that I've not really been able to decide on fanart in the first place (to be honest, in the last 5 years the fanart I've done the most of was "ancient history" fanart, haha!). What do y'all think would be fun to work on?  (No personal OCs for now please, haha!) 

Thanks so much for hanging with me after all these years! Again, if you want to catch where I'm most active it'll be on tumblr (also have a very silly tumblr for reblobbin' mostly doggies and puns. 

I am also still part of the great webcomic group Everyday Comics, which a bunch of AMAZING and FANTASTIC artists...!
We do themed short comics weekly (or... we try to, haha). My comics are located here.

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It is in the L4D section of the gallery. :)…
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